One Fan, Many Films, Some Fancy


You can keep cinema away from a Tamil fan. But you cannot keep a Tamil Fan away from cinema.

I would introduce myself as one among the billions of avid Tamil cinema fans who grew up on a diet of wonderful Tamil films. I had been a eager(regrettable) and popular (debatable) reviewer of Tamil Cinema from 2001. As an eager fan of Tamil Cinema and sometimes its armchair (read plastic chair) critic, I have all the right and time to put forth my own awards for every calendar year. 


 I started this web page in 2010 when I used to watch 50% of the released films. With my policy of not watching films on pirated DVDs and torrents and keeping with the long time for release of DVDs and with short time of stay in theatres and of course with my aging, the no. of films  has been brought down considerably. 

When I started this page in 2010, I thought this website would chronicle all - my film ratings, reviews, awards and notable mentions. However my laziness or time lags or both have beat my passion by a huge margin in the forthcoming years. 

As of now, I am active on twitter (www.twitter.com/reavan) and do tweet about the movies I watch. Ever since the trolls, memes, video reviews and very humourous reviews started taking centrestage, I have lost interest in reviewing movies. I am not in tune with the negativity and supremacy of the current trend of reviews. And also presenting my own awards after watching a mere 1/3 of released films that too only once doesn't sound fair. 


It has been really long since I have stopped reviewing movies and I assume that a time will come when this webpage will have awards and reviews, apart from ratings. 


Hence from 2011-2014, this web page does a simple job of recording my marks to the movies. This serves dual logic of being my outcome of watching a movie (giving a rating) and also in the year end automatically present my Top List of the year.  


 Nonetheless, I think it gives you a sense of my tastes and judgements. And if you have any heated arguments/ disagreements over the choices, you are free to contact me by e-mail (but do rethink whether its worth the time and energy).

In 2015, I saw a total of 45 Tamil movies and a couple of Malayalam movies, Premam and Oru Vadakkan Selfie. I couldnt sneak any English or Hindi or Telugu movies this year.

I am sure that you people also had a wonderful time watching movies. 

Happy Viewing

Urs always, Rathnavel